Cause of false chapter titles?

I have been compiling my in-progress Scrivener novel to an RTF for sharing and have noticed what is either a bug or something in my text that is creating chapter titles in the RTF where none exist. (They could be “section titles” if the nomenclature for RTFs is different, but the images will explain). I’m not reporting this as a bug because I’ve only learned enough about setting up a novel and compiling to get a useful result, so this could be something I could correct myself.

As you can see in the RTF image (showing the navigation pane), there are text bits that appear to be treated as chapter titles. If you look at the image from Scrivener, you’ll see the true organization and the location of one of the spurious titles. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’m continually amazed at the variety of oddness that we all manage to find in our high-tech world! This is a weird one. I’d suggest that you copy/paste the text in those sections into Notepad to strip out any hidden formatting/code. Then delete those files from the Binder that are causing this. Then bring that clean text from Notepad back into Scrivener. If the problem jumps to the next file, there’s something bigger going on in the XML file. Which is another approach if you are technical-inclined - open the .scrivx file in Notepad++ and see if there are odd instructions attached to those files that are giving you trouble.

Have you checked the compile settings to see if you accidentally turned on the “Title” box for those two files?