Caution: Compliment! .... (Corkboard Timeline Keywords)

Almost always, when I think of a feature I want in Scrivener, I discover it’s already there. This last time, I was wishing the corkboard timeline could be organized by Keywords instead of Labels because most of my scenes are in more than one story arc and labels allow only one arc per scene/index card. I wanted a visual representation of this through some kind of tag or keyword. Then, of course, I discover Keyword Chips in the Options in the lower right corner that allows Keyword colors to appear on each card – perfect for me. So this post is merely a compliment on the depth of the features in Scrivener!

Unnghhh! Sorry for being so dense… but can you please (pretty please) explain with pics how you got it timeline based cards by keywords instead of labels? It’d be very helpful!


Thanks! Keyword chips can be shown in all corkboard modes; it is a general display option like whether or not to show status stamps. Glad to hear you are finding it useful in conjunction with the label arrangement feature.