Cautious Bug Report - 'Current Line Color' Getting Stuck

Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021


I want to report what I think is a bug, but I’m not sure exactly how to make it happen, I only know I’ve found myself in the situation several times before without knowing how I got there…

I often use highlighting in my WIP for various things. I don’t know if this is related to the problem, but I’m putting it out there as a possible co-factor?

The problem that I sometimes find myself in, is that a chunk of text will be “highlighted” in the same color as the ‘current line color’ (i.e. when the ‘highlight current line’ setting is checked). I recognize these “problem lines” as being full page width, and of the same color as the ‘current line’. I have never seen it manifest with any other color that I can recall. And it tracks my writing from then on-- meaning new lines will continue to have the ‘current line color’ while old lines retain the color-- always full-page width. And it retains the color through a cut-n-paste as far as I can tell.

I did not highlight them, and nothing I do will make the color go away-- apart from cutting the entire text, closing up (deleting) the resultant ‘hole’ entirely, and then re-pasting the text (I might have to use CTRL-SHIFT-V… not sure, will try and note that the next time I encounter the issue). – And I’m not sure that this always works to resolve it. There has been at least one instance where I had to create another text document, cut-n-paste the text into it (that time for sure using CTRL-SHIFT-V) and deleting the old document.

It doesn’t happen often, it’s just every once in a while. And I typically notice it when I’m working with highlighting, though I *think* I remember a time that it happened on a page without highlighting– which is what got me to thinking about the ‘current line color’. Which is why I say there could be some correlation between the two…??

If I figure out how to trigger it / make it happen, I’ll update this report.