Cb2: Medium — Column widths in Outliner

Hi, looks like column widths in the Outliner view get forgotten on exit. I neatly arranged them so I can see all the info, exited and re-opened Scrivener only to find all columns change their sizes to what I presume are default ones.

To note, I’ve added “Include in Export”, “Page Break before” and “Words” columns.

I’ve got that behaviour, too. The columns which I have selected to be viewed are retained, but the widths are all squished back down to the window width. Additionally, should each split be saving its own column preferences? Currently they do. I can see getting some use out of that, but just wanted to make sure that was the intended behaviour.

Yes, each split should definitely get its own outliner column preferences. This is intended behaviour. I know some have complained that it’s more setting up, but it adds ultimate flexibility. You could, for instance, use one document view for focussing on meta-data and another for focussing on synopses. This won’t change.

As for column widths… Yeah, this is a pain in Cocoa. Hopefully I’ve fixed it for beta 3, though - now that there is a horizontal scroller, there is no reason for it to try to resize your columns automatically, so I’ve done away with the code that did that. I also made a mistake in beta 2 in that the scrollers get automatically hidden - which means that when there is not enough content, you can’t see the button in the top-right that lets you customise columns! So the scrollers will alwasy be visible in beta 3 (it’s annoying that you can’t set the horizontal and vertical scrollers to auto-hide separately…).

I will definitely like the ability to have two separate column arrangments. And I did wonder where the customisation button went, now I know! It will be nice to have that back.