Cell Background Color Not Saving

I have a table in one of my text files. I highlighted the top row, right clicked, went to “Table” > “Table Properties…”. Then, I changed the Cell Background color to green, making the top row appear green. When I save, exit, and return to my project, the green no longer appears on my table.

Note - While the color did not save, modifications within the table to font and column width did.

Any insight or workarounds? I would be amazed if I was the first person to experience this bug.

No, you’re alas not the first, but I’m afraid I don’t have any workaround to suggest for using cell colouring within Scrivener; this is something you’ll need to do right now after compiling for a word processor (whence you can then print or save to PDF, etc. depending on your final output needs). We do have this on the bug list, and it’s just a bit of a fight with the way tables work in Qt.

I have this problem too. Just sayin’.

I too have encountered this problem in version for Windows.

Cheers & hope this heips,

I am having the problem as well. I can print with the cell background showing, but as soon as I save, the background color disappears. Have you had any resolution?

No, I’m afraid this issue with tables isn’t something we’ve been able to find a solution for yet. The next major version of Scrivener will have an updated version of the Qt framework, hopefully after they’ve worked out some of the bugs, and that may provide a way to clean up this issue with the tables. For now I’d just recommend tables for the bare-bones structure in Scrivener and then polishing in a word processor after compiling.