Celtx import and export

Is there a possibility to see Scrivener supporting export and import to celtx? It’ll be great if it does. Celtx is way better than Final Draft in my opinion.

You can already do this using plain text. To import, use File > Import > Plain Text Formatted Screenplay… (having exported your script from Celtx as a .txt file). To export, use File > Compile…, choose “Plain Text (.txt)” as the “Compile For” format, choose not to override any formatting in the Formatting pane, choose “Empty line” for all the “Separators”, and then under “Text Options” tick “Convert to plain text:” and choose “all whitespace (add a one inch margin)”. This will create a plain text formatted script that Celtx should read well. Note, however, that this only really works with screenplays.

It’s not possible to support the Celtx format directly as it’s a proprietary format that I don’t have access to (Final Draft kindly provided me with the specs for .fdx).

Hope that helps.

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