Center Text

Been writing in the Novel Format and would like to know how can we center the story/text in the window (not align as in left, center, right justification…). When I open the window where my novel is written, there is so much white, negative space to the right - I assume we can keep the story in the middle of the page somehow? (but still keeping the left justification of course.)

I also read along the same lines but can no longer find what it is called - where as we type, it will scroll and stay in the middle of the page as we type instead of scrolling down as we write? Is that possible as well…?

Many Thanks!!! Sorry… Writing away, but still a newbie!

It sounds like you have the right indent set for the text, so it’s wrapping at that point in the editor rather than at the right edge of the editor. Imported documents from Word usually have this set, but you may also have set it in the editor default formatting.

To remove the indent, display the ruler in the editor (Format > Ruler), select the text and then drag the right indent marker off the right edge, so that it snaps back into place. It should stick at the edge of the ruler if you change the width of the editor.

If your new documents have the right-indent set, you can go to the Editor tab of Tools > Options… and follow the same steps there to clear the indent. Once you apply the changes, any new documents you create will no longer have the right-indent set but will wrap at the editor. You can also then select any existing documents and use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style to apply that default formatting to them.

That will take care of balancing the text between the edges of the editor. If you want more white space at the edges, you can increase the editor margin in the Editor tab of Tools > Options. It will add visual padding in the editor without affecting the compile or print settings (the actual page margins for compile and print are set in compile’s Page Settings and in File > Page Setup… respectively).

Yikes! That was easy!!

Many thanks!!