centering a table in a page when compiling

I thought having pages with a simple table ordering 2 lines, one with a picture, the other with text, will help centering the all thing vertically.
I can’t make it work when compiling.
If table is too big, epub is showing 2 pages with break line in text, if table is too small, the pdf pages is not vertically centered at all.

Is there any turn around for this, any capabilities to get it vertically centered in epub and pdf without modifying page format ?

thanks in advance for any ideas

By “vertically centered” do you mean centered between the top and bottom of the page?

If so then no, there’s no way to guarantee that in Scrivener.

Epubs in particular don’t actually have “pages,” and the user can change the font – and therefore the amount of text that will appear on a screen – at will.


oooh yes, stupid I am. :blush: Of course epub is adapted by users.
thanks for your answer