Centering asterisks

This may be more of a WORD question, I’m not sure.

Being a creature of habit, I use WORD to write my novels, then import each chapter into Scrivener and compile from there.

In WORD, I format my document to automatically give a half-inch paragraph indentations, and to double space each line.

I use three centered asterisks to denote scene changes.

Problem is, since I used the auto format for the half-inch tabs, it throws “center” off by half an inch, so the asterisks aren’t really centered any more.

Since I seem to be “importing” the problem, I’m not sure how to fix it and get the asterisks centered.

Can anyone give me an idea how to fix this? If I import each scene individually, but keep the automatic indentations, will Scrivener center the scene change symbol (#, ***, or whatever I choose), or will the centering still be off because of the imported formatting?

Can split the scenes into their own files, then during compile choose a custom separator between scenes to get the centred asterisks you want.

Or leave the asterisks in the files, make sure the alighnment is right for the asterisks using the ruler settings, then mark the asterisks’ formatting to be preserved.

A little bit of work involved either way. I use the first method.

Thank you. I’ll try both methods. Up until recently, I’d never realized the asterisks weren’t centered. Then, several people in my critique circle pointed it out. I’ve got the novel subbed to two publishers. Now, I’m hoping they don’t notice the little boo-boo.