Centering Issue When Compiling...

Hey Folks!

I’ve checked earlier posts here on this issue, and went into Compile>Formatting>Options>Preserve Alignment>Centered text only, so as to preserve the centering in the document I’m working on.

This did not solve my problem, however: when I compile the document to .mobi, the entire document is left-aligned (even though in Scrivener nearly everything is/appears center-aligned.

What’s particularly odd is that I built this document based on an earlier document, which compiles just fine (it preserves centering).

Any suggestions as to what might be happening/how I might fix this?

Thanks in advance…and I wish everyone reading this a great Thanksgiving!

Have you tried Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting?

Happy Thanksgiving. Good luck!

Hi Briar!

Thanks for your response and suggestion…I went ahead and tried that on one page of the document - still no luck! It keeps on left-aligning the text(!)



You have tried:
Compile>Formatting>Options>Preserve Alignment>Centered text only

Compile>Formatting>Options>Preserve Formatting only preserves: >Alignment
… make a difference?

Hopefully one of the devs will help you. :confused:

Thanks, again, Briar!

Alas…that did not fix it. Yes…I am assuming that Ioa may show up any moment to rescue me from the flotsam I am clinging to!

Sorry ;(

Expect Ioa is making merry for Thanksgiving.

Good luck. Can’t be a major issue if it works in your other file. A small tweak somewhere along the line.

Not the actual e-reader overriding the alignment by any chance? When opened in the same e-reader, your other successful file is okay?

Clutching. At. Straws. :neutral_face:

I hope he is making merry…I’m off to do that now, myself(!)

Yes, the other file opens fine in the same eReader…among other tools, I use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to test eBooks…


There may be a clue in the first post:

If I’m to take that literally, then that could be the whole problem. Basically, to comply with Amazon’s publishing guidelines, Scrivener strips out a few formatting attributes from the most common paragraph style (>50%). Amazon stipulates that the body text of a book should not declare certain types of formatting, such as font size and paragraph alignment (these are left up to the individual reader’s settings).

And yes, that does make things difficult if you are publishing a book of centre-aligned poetry (for example), but there isn’t much we can do about it. Scrivener used to leave alignment declared, and people were getting their books rejected from Amazon as a result—so we have little flexibility here I’m afraid.

A test for that: switch the Compile For setting to “PDF” and run a test compile without making any other changes to compile settings. Do things look as you expect, in that file?

Aha! So Scrivener is saving me from myself again?! That solved the problem…thanks so much!
Happily I’m not publishing poetry, so having everything centered is not a big deal…just nice to have the title page, etc. centered(!)
Thanks again, Amber!