centering poems

from mike (Sorry, I don’t have a colorful moniker for online use.)

Using WORD, everything lines up correctly. I use Styles and Formatting, pull the document into Scrivener but after converting it to Kindle-mobi the rhyme is not centered.

The Mac Scrivener has a “keep original formatting,” or something titled that way, but not the Windows version. Does someone out there have experience with this problem? If so, any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mike

Both platforms have the ability to keep the original formatting, that’s a fundamental aspect of the software. This is controlled via a checkbox in the Formatting compile option pane. At the top just make sure “Override text and notes formatting” is disabled. You might be thinking of “Preserve Formatting”, which is something you would use to highlight smaller sections of text when otherwise overriding. A good example would be a subheading—you wouldn’t want to use that tool for everything as it would make for an ugly editing session. Preserve Formatting will be landing very soon for Windows. You can get a sneak peak if you want from the beta.

That all aside, we recently were discussing why the software works the way it does over in the Mac forum. Short version:

  • Amazon guidelines stipulate that body text (whatever text comprises the majority of the book) alignment should never be declared.
  • Scrivener strips out alignment for the majority paragraph alignment type for this reason.
  • You can try to get around it, but expect your book to get rejected if you do. The only reason we started doing this is that Amazon started enforcing it.

Thanks, AmberV, for the lucid explanation. I am indebted.