Centering Words and Images

On the last page of my book, I want to say “The End” and put a graphic beneath it. This seems pretty straightforward, I should just highlight and click the “Center” button. However, because my book is 8.5 x 5.5, centering an object puts the words and the graphic in a non-centered place in the printed book. I just got my proofs back, and all my tweaking of the words and image didn’t make any difference.

How do I center material like this?

Is it as simple as (now that I’m thinking about it) taking the width of the page (5.5), subtracting the margins (.50 + .75 =1.25) and then dividing that by two, to get the correct alignment on a printed page in a book?

Thanks in advance.

What format did you give to the printer? If you gave a PDF, you should have been able to see the layout before you sent the file to the printer.

Not sure if this is your issue, but here goes…

Scrivener usually indents the first line of a paragraph (which will kick any centred text or image off to the right), so you need to show the ruler and make sure the indent is removed (drag the indent marker back to the start of the line: see images below).

You then need to to centre the image, select that whole row with your mouse/trackpad, and choose Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting. This will put a box with a dashed line around the image. This box will not print: it just tells Scrivener to preserve the formatting of that area during compile.

If all looks good, create a PDF and proof that to see if the centring has worked as you want.



Hope this helps


Briar Kit

Thank you, Briar Kit! That worked so well, it looks so good now. I knew that it was something like that but I just couldn’t track it down. Removing the tab on the line with the image and then putting that box around it was exactly what it needed.

Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

Great news. Glad it worked for you.

Good luck with the book.


Briar Kit :smiley:

I am in the latest version of the app.
I tried the Preserve formatting and the picture still does not stray centered.


Thank you!!!
That worked for me, compiling Scrivener to Microsoft Word for image.