I am not able to center chapter titles. I am using the alignment>center function which causes the title to be far right, sometimes far left, but never in the center.

Are you referring to the Compile option, or just in the process of writing on the application?

Yes, it’s when I use the Compile option for printing. None of the chapter titles are centered.

It’s when using the compile function and when writing in the application.

It sounds like something might be strange with your ruler set up. Click on the title line and make sure the two “down arrows” are located in reasonably normal places to the right and left of the page. For example, the left arrow at ‘0’ and the right arrow at ‘6’.

Thanks. Fiddling with the ruler, and tab buttons, helped. Also, I discovered that when I center a title it goes off to the right but when I push the delete key repeatedly it eventually gets to center and stops. Is that the way it is designed to work?
Anyway, thanks again.

No, not at all. Were these titles at any point centred manually—in the old school typewriter fashion of counting out spaces? If there are a ton of spaces to the left of the title name, that would explain why it goes to the far right, since the centre alignment calculates the space as being a part of the title. It sounds like you might be working with a messy import. You might be in a situation where using the default format converter would be easier than trying to fix everything.

Try it on a duplicate document first (Cmd-D), since you can’t undo, then choose Documents/Convert/Convert to Default Formatting. You’ll lose all of your custom ruler and alignments, and font, but bold, italics, and other such should stick. This sets the document to use whatever you have defined as default in the Editing preferences for Scrivener. If the result is something that works for you, you can use this command on many documents at once by selecting them all in the Binder.

Note: This will not remove existing spaces in front of things, but since it will left align everything, it will make cases like this easier to spot.

That was exactly the problem, I had spaces to the left of the titles. Your suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks so much.