CentOS 6.4 Works GREAT

Just found this software was available for Linux today! Wanted to let everyone know that scrivener is working beautifully on CentOS 6.4 [32bit] Using Gnome as my desktop manager.

Had absolutely no issues installing. Downloaded tar package. Untar into ~/lib Symlink bin/scrivener.sh to ~/bin

Will go through all features to see if it works. Scrivener looks almost like the OSX version. Great job guys!

Thanks for not leaving out Linux!

Good to hear. I was going to put CentOS in a VM to test it out, and glad to hear it works with Scrivener. Thanks for the report. Oh, there are still some cosmetic and functional differences between the OSX and Linux versions (and Win too). You’ll see them as you run through it. Hope the devs can catch up soon!