Centralized Cataloging

Hello - I’m a relative newbie to Scrivener and am still getting oriented to all of the features. If this exists already, please just point me in the right direction. A search didn’t return any results …

I’m on my third book in a series and to date, I’m having to transfer character profiles, settings, etc into each successive book manually. Is there way, or could a way be created, that allows me to have a centralized catalog of character profiles, settings, and other relevant cataloging for the series so that I can have each successive book link to it.

The benefit is that this would make the book catalog a living document itself rather than having iterative versions in each new book.



P.S. Love the software, I’m completely hooked!

If you haven’t read this, you may find it useful.

One way to do this is to keep one project for the entire series. Either move the draft contents to an external folder for completed books, or create a draft sub-folder for each book, and in the compile setup select the latest book’s sub-folder at the base folder for compiling. Using named snapshots would be quite helpful for your series bible (for text-based documents, anyway).

The other way is pretty much what you’re doing, though it’s hard to tell if you know this: To transfer any file or set of files form one project to another, open both, arrange the windows so you can see the destination project’s binder with the source project’s window on top, and then drag from the source binder to the destination binder.

And the third way is to keep one project with all the notes in it, plus completed drafts for quick searches through the canonical text, as Hugh’s link details.

Thanks to both Hugh and Robert. This was helpful.