Centralized/Easier to Find and Set Options & Fonts

I love all the options Scrivener gives us but oh my god, I’m constantly going nuts trying to remember where to set what. Especially around fonts.

I’m thinking of developer IDEs like the ones by JetBrains for a really nice model/UI for option settings. They’ve got a billion settings, but they’re all located under one of 2 menus items: one for the app itself, one for the project. And you can search within the settings to quickly find things.

For example, it would be SO amazing to see something like…

  1. All of our settings in a single, central location. Or perhaps 2 locations – one for Scrivener Options, one for Project Specific Options – with both of those menu items right next to each other (e.g., under Edit) so they’re super easy to find.

Right now the options are spread out in a bunch of places. for example:
View->Text Editing & PDF Display
View->Corkboard Options & Outliner Columns & Use Label Color In
View->Customize Toolbar
Navigate->Binder Selection Effects & Corkboard Selection Effects
Project->Project Settings
Format->Style (multiple places)
Format->Scriptwriting->Script Settings

  1. In this way, when we save/load settings, it would then be all of our settings
    (or all of our Scrivener settings in one place, and all of our project settings in the 2nd place)

  2. Having a single location within those options that all fonts get set

Uber bonus if we could set a default font (e.g., Arial 12 #333) that everything inherits from by default
(and then of course we can still drill down to override that for specific items like Index Title or Heading 1)

  1. The ability to save our Editor styles for all of Scrivener (not just specific to a project)

  2. The ability to set hotkeys for every option available.
    Including the ability to go beyond Alt 1-9 for styles

  3. A search function within the Options dialog so we can easily find things

Thanks so much for considering!