Certain correctly spelled words being flagged a misspelled.

It’s been happening a lot, with various words that are correctly spelled.
I find it interesting also, that some misspelled words are not indicated as flagged during the writing process, knowing I have the auto-spell checker on.
I have turned the auto-spell checker off, however, and back on again manually to test the spelling feature to determine whether or not it is something with the auto-checker, it is not.

Anyone else finding this feature frustrating?

I don’t mind words that are correctly spelled but aren’t in Scrivener’s dictionary. Usually for me it happens with… uncommon words. At least it flags it so I double check. Then you can just right-click the word and ask Scrivener to learn the spelling. Then it won’t be flagged in the future.

I haven’t noticed words I’ve used that were misspelled but not flagged…

I’ve had the same issue. and have therefore turned auto-correct off. It would be useful to have an accurate spell checker though. What makes it doubly irritating, is that when I right click on the flagged word, sometimes the suggestions are themselves misspelled.

One example was when the perfectly correct ‘Offensive’ was flagged as misspelled, and the suggested replacement was the incorrect ‘Offencive’

Hope this is something that can get fixed in the near future. I spell pretty well, but it is those occasions when I don’t that I need a correctly functioning spell checker.