Certain custom window layouts don't seem to save/load properly

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a Scrivener project

  2. Hide the Binder by clicking dropdown arrow next to the very first toolbar icon (labeled “view”). Now you have just the Editor pane visible (and maybe the Inspector), but no Binder

  3. Go to Window → Layouts → Manage Layouts

  4. Add a new custom layout. The Preview thumbnail shows that it’s exactly what we want, just the Editor pane with no Binder visible.

  5. Now try to use the new layout. The Binder immediately and inexplicably shows up every time the new custom layout is activated.

Version: Beta (1155038) 64-bit - 30 Dec 2020 running in Wine on Linux

Could someone on Windows please try to reproduce this issue? Thank you.


I tried to reproduce this on a Windows 10 system and everything worked as it should.

So maybe it’s just a wonky Wine/Linux thing that I just have to live with. I’m still grateful that Scrivener 3 (mostly) runs well on Linux.