Challenges with page numbers and footers

I am using Scrivener for Windows.

Is there a way to have these things done?

A) Different headers on even and odd pages?
I would like my name on even number page headers and the book title on odd number page headers.

B) Headers and footers not to show up on pages where Chapters begin?
Or any page I decide, for that matter? (I am thinking of something like a check-box somewhere, that would say something like "no header/footer this document)

C) Chapters to start on the right side of my printout automatically?
I would like to have every chapter to start on the next even (or odd, depending from where you start counting) page, without the need to add an empty document and force it to be on the right side of the book.

D) Page to count from x page?
I know I can exclude Page 1 from being counted when using <$p>. But can I make Scrivener to exclude the first -let’s say- 10 pages, instead of just one?
It’s mainly for the acknowledgements, thank you notes, Foreword, ISBN and agent page, and so on.

Thank you all, in advance for any reply!

Moderator note: moved to Windows technical support.

At this time these features are all out of scope for what the compiler is intended for. We do plan on enhancing the compiler further, and I can say that all of the things you listed are things on our list to address. Until then, you will need to perform these kinds of steps in your post-production software (InDesign, or whatever you are using).

Thank you so much. So far I am doing this with Word 2010. Breaking my document in Sections (“continous section break”, from the Layout menu) and unlinking the section from “previous sections” allows me to set up headers and footers at will.

Still, pushing a new chapter start page to even pages is something I am doing manually. Sigh.

Thanks again.