I had been following Chandler since it was first proposed. But the initial work didn’t seem to offer much. Recently they released version 1. After playing with it for a few minutes and setting up an online account so I can use the web synch, I am beginning to use it as my primary calendar/to-do list manager. By using the Chandler hub online you can synch with the web site, and iCal, and Google Calendar.

For me, this is approaching the best. I like the concept, ease of use, and synch is all automatic.

Now if I could only figure out how to synch with My Palm Desktop, which synchs with my Palm Centro…

What version are you using?
I may give it another try. I used 1.0.1 back in September and did not like it. I decided to wait until they had a few more releases, but I think that the most recent is 1.0.2.
I’ve been very enthusiastic about Chandler for a long time, but did not like the release I tried.

As far as I know, Chandler started with the premise to become the Windows/Graphical GUI-version of a DOS-program called LOTUS AGENDA, which was one of the most sophisticated and aweful applications ever written. (Not to confuse with a Windows-software of the same name that emulates a ring-binder timer on screen: that came later and was something completely different.)

From what I see, this idea must have disappeared on the way. I had a look on the video intro, but I did not get what Chandler shall be apart from being yet-another-project/activities/time-manager, and not an impressive one.

It is 1.0.2. For some reason, my simple mind has grasped onto what it intends. Or at least I fooled myself into such thinking. :laughing:

Thank you for bringing Chandler to my attention. I’ve been struggling to find a To Do list program of this type and it’s exactly what I wanted. No more, no less.

I use it to track my various web project items but I didn’t need a project mgt type thing with all those extra features etc, but I needed more than just a “remember the milk” type list. I use the program at home and the web version at work or wherever and just sync them. Ace! And, as an added bonus, it’s a heck of a lot easier to use than the bug tracking programs that I was just at the point of resorting to.

I love it.