Change "1st Line Indent" for entire manuscript not just new

I use Scrivener for Windows. How can I change the “1st Line Indent” for my entire manuscript, including “existing text,” not just new text? Will this also hold for any text that I “import?”

Here is the FAQ article on setting and fixing formatting.

Only if the imported text is plain-text, from a .txt file, or pasted in with Edit/Paste and Match Style. Rich text will always carry its own formatting with it, but using the tips in that article, you’ll see it’s pretty easy to clean up files that you’ve imported.

At the moment, plain-text files actually won’t pick up the editor formatting when imported–they’ll just take on a sort of mundane computer system look–but like everything else they can be updated using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

Thanks for the reminder, I forgot this was baked in with Windows.

Windows is just like chocolate chip cookies. 8)