Change a file into its own project that appears on the project list?

I’d like to make a file that is a part of one project into its own project that would appear on the project list. How could I do this on the Ipad? Can it be done on an Ipad? Thanks.


You could open the file, tap the “share” button, select RTF as the format (that’s Scrivener’s native text format), and then choose “Save to Dropbox” from the list of apps to share to. Select a folder near, if not in, the same folder as you keep your Scrivener project.

Then create a new project and import that file from dropbox. From that point, you could then use the Dropbox app on your iphone to delete the stray exported file (importing a file into a project makes a copy of that file, so it wouldn’t be needed anymore).

If you have one “scrivening” to convert to a project, you can copy/paste without Dropbox:

  • Select All text in file > copy
  • create New Project, which (if memory serves) creates a draft folder with a blank Untitled document
  • paste into Untitled document (or add new item & paste into that)

If you have multiple items, I guess you could use Edit to select multiple items & duplicate, then merge the duplicates, and then copy+paste that merged item as above, then split the documents back up. That’s assuming it’s text.

I tried to merge two Scrivener projects with mixed media, so to speak, and ended up waiting until I had macOS access to finish with its import/export and drag & drop features. Hopefully iOS 11 will help iPad realize more of its potential.