Change Author Name for Comment

This is also happening in my file that I recently imported from a previous version of Scrivener that is for a book manuscript. I am not able to change it manually and it is incorrect in the inspector. Scrivener seems to have selected only the second part of my last name and eliminated the first half of a double last name “FIRSTLASTNAME SECONDLASTNAME.” I am not sure why it’s done this, but my apple address book contact card is correct. How can I tell it to stop? I find it very irritating that it gets my name wrong.

I have also checked my OS apple id system settings which are set up correctly with both parts of my last name. How do I change the comment author for scrivener to display this correctly???

(Windows screenshot.)

Thanks for your response Vincent. This information is correct in my Scrivener Preferences pane— but the imported comments are incorrect and not editable. Basically this fix only works for NEW comments, but not for the imported comments. Any suggestions???

This being just plain text once created, and since auto-replace don’t offer to affect this range (comments), I am afraid you’ll have to take the time and fix them manually, one by one, pasting in your full name.

[EDIT] I just tried the Find... function and that worked.

Vincent, I would be happy to manually update, but the name appears at the top of the comment uneditable kind of like a title :confused:

Awww… It is not like that in the windows version.
Sorry mate.

Thanks for trying-- The MacBook Air OS is operating differently with Scrivener for sure. Any mac users out there who can help?

Is this on the same machine as the one which had the previous version of Scrivener, or is this on a new machine. And on the previous machine, if it was different, did that have both your last names on it?

I ask, because it seems your last post was 12 years ago, and it seems to me that it is treating your former comments as coming from a different person.

I share projects with a collaborator; it would be unacceptable for me to change her name on comments. So, new you is likewise unable to change the name of comments in a project created by former you on a separate machine.



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I work on different machines using dropbox, so you might be onto something. I will logon to my old machine and see if I can shift it.