Change background color in full screen mode?

I’ve got Scrivener 2.0.2 and I’d really like to go full screen and get the entire background in black and have my text stand out from that. I just really like the ability to focus w/o seeing anything else which I’ve had from previous wares. I see how to change the color of the text, but … can the background color be changed in full screen mode?

Any help appreciated.

Indeed yes. Scrivener>Preferences:Appearance; toward the bottom you should see Customizable Colors. Select Full Screen and then “Paper” and change that to black. You may also want to change the color for Scrivenings Titles BG to also be black.

There are a lot of other options for changing the full screen background as well. You can choose another color besides black, naturally (basically for the way you describe what you want, you just want to make sure that in that customizable colors section you choose the same color for “Paper” and “Background” and possibly “Scrivenings Title BG”); you can also there choose a texture for the paper or background, which lets you tile an image (er, I should mention there’s currently a bug where the background fade doesn’t work when you have a texture background instead of a color); and you can also choose a background image via View>Full Screen Backdrop. When you choose this latter option, the “background fade” in full screen switches to “paper fade,” letting you make the paper color disappear completely if you wish so you’re writing directly over your background image. The backdrop image is per-project, whereas the others are all global options.

There. More than you wanted to know about full screen backgrounds. :wink: