change blue editor header highlight to grey?

Hello, I am just trying out Scriv 3 before I upgrade and in split-editor view the header of the selected editor is now highlighted in a blue colour. Is there any way to turn this back to grey like I have it in Scriv 2? I can’t seem to find an option for it, and I “need” (want) a totally monochrome writing space. :wink: Thanks!

It was blue in Scrivener 2 as well, though. :slight_smile: The behaviour has been modified a bit to better signal conditions where the binder affects one editor but the active editor is another (in the past the blue highlight only indicated which was active), but for standard setups you shouldn’t notice a major departure from how it has always worked.

Oh, so it was! But in 3 there is a bright blue line line at the bottom of the header that makes the whole area jump out as “bluer”… Personally I find this distracting but I guess I can always switch the whole display to greyscale.

Meanwhile the more widely-spaced binder is a shame as I can’t see as many documents in the list as before, unless I’m missing something obvious there too? Thanks!

Go to Preferences -> Appearances -> Binder -> Options, and from there toggle the Row Spacing value until you find the look that suits you best.