Change caracter style on compile

Hi :wave:t3:

In my novel I use specific paragraph styles, but also caracter styles.

I chose the Helvetica Neue font with which I can use a Medium Italic font for specific words in the text.

My issue is that when I export a .docx and then import it to Google Docs for beta readers, the Medium Italic is not supported, so all the words are changed to Normal.

I saw that there was a way to select specific paragraph styles and turn them into something else in the compile preferences, but is there a way to do that with caracter styles ? To say somewhere « Turn all Helvetica Neue Medium Font into Bold » so that I don’t have to do the change manually for each exported version ?

Thanks so much for your help.

Never mind, I just find the solution.
That’s why I love Scrivener so much, each time I think about something I need, it’s there, you just have to search for it :heart: