Change case shortcut

Word has a vast array of keyboard shortcuts, most of which I can rarely remember, and even fewer of which I actually use. There is one, though, that I would dearly love to see in Scrivener, as would anyone who often has to import reference information, presentation text, and so on.

In Word, the Shift-F3 command toggles the selected text between ALL CAPS, Title Case Text, and standard capitalization. I have not been able to find its equivalent in the Mac text world (except in Mac Windows), and I miss it very much. Would you? Could you?

(I’m currently repurposing some text that started out as a presentation, with Almost Everything in Title Case. Whimper.)

(Or, better yet, does it already exist and I’ve simply overlooked it?)



Try Devon-Technologies WordService. They have a few capitalisation correction tools.

If I understand you correctly, just go to System Preferences and create keyboard shortcuts for Scrivener that correspond to the menu items “Uppercase”, “Lowercase” and “Title Case”. (In Scrivener, these can be found in Text > Convert, but have no shortcuts.)

Ah ha! I’d forgotten about Text > Convert. Thanks!

And thanks for the WordService suggestion, Amber. It includes a number of useful things. I’ll give it a look.


Then use Service Scrubber to choose which shortcuts you want to use for the services you want.

I’ve added Small Caps to the Convert menu for 2.0, too (which just cheats by making everything caps but the originally-lowercase letters 3/4 the size of the originally-uppercase letters.