Change Chapter Title Size When Override is Unchecked

If I am understanding things correctly, I must uncheck “Override text and notes formatting” if I want to have centered paragraphs for my images.

So, am I correct that I no longer have any control over the formatting (font size) of my chapter headings (assuming I check the “Title” option for the third line in the Compile/Formatting dialog).

IOW, how can I make the “Crashes…” line larger?



Actually you still have control over the title formatting when override is disabled—all that impacts is the text editor content. Whatever you add to each document via the Formatting pane, can be independently styled in the Formatting pane after clicking the Modify button. You’ll get a warning about changing the formatting even if you didn’t touch the body text though, when confirming the “Modify” settings. Just disregard that if you’ve only changed the title font.

Wow! OK. I’ll just ignore the message that says my changes will be ignored.

That over-aggressive warning message is already on the bug list. :slight_smile: Our ultimate solution is to disable the format tools entirely for the body text block, and turn it grey, if override is disabled. That way you don’t need a warning message to begin with and it is clear that everything outside of the block can still be styled. There is a technical problem with having blocks of text you can’t change the formatting on mixed in with blocks you can, in the same “editor” field—hence the warning as we don’t really know what you’ve changed.