Change Character count target sound


a fancy adjustment: Is it possible to assign a custom sound to the Character Count notification?

And another one: Would it be possible to assign a colour change of the character count status bar at 1/3 and 2/3? Since these are often significant steps in storytelling values, this might be interesting.

If you’re using Growl already, yes (I wouldn’t recommend starting use now, as it has become a source of instability and will be removed in the future). Otherwise, no, Apple doesn’t feel users should have any say in what notifications sound like, universally or per application. I suppose there might be a way to hack in your own audio file wherever the Notifications file exists, but I haven’t looked into it lately. It used to be you could change the “Basso.aiff” file (which would of course change the Basso noise system-wide), but I don’t think Notifications uses that one any more.

I’ll put in a note to consider more state colours on the progress bar. What should they be called, the Act I and Act II colours? :laughing:

Okay, thanks for the answer. Apple has been annoying with their hard-to-customize sound sets since OS 9 …

And yes, exactly! Act one, two, three it :smiley: