Change color of editor title bar?

I’m unable to find a setting to change the color of the active editor’s title bar. Mine’s incongruous in red; this site’s screen shots show it in blue. Anyone know where the setting lives?


Huh…mine’s green. However, that didn’t bother me, as I was assuming that the editor bar (and all others) were only taking their color from my color scheme on my PC.

Did you try changing your windows theme?

Thanks, Annetheia, that did it. :blush: I had tried changing colors selectively within the old theme, hoping to find the one tied to the editor, but hadn’t tried the seemingly obvious.

The header bar has two functional colour states (three if you count grey): blue and red. Blue means it is the active editor, if there is more than one editor split open. Red means the editor is Locked (will refuse clicks from the binder), a feature which isn’t implemented yet.

Any other colour is a result of your theme, as you’ve discovered.

You’re welcome, JJ. :slight_smile:

I’ve had that issue happen to me before on other things I downloaded-and it drove me nuts before I figured out that it was my theme.

Ever since then, I’ve just picked netural-ish color, and left it like that.

I’m glad I could help!