Change Command+K keyboard shortcut to Add Link

Hi, I’m somewhat new to Scrivener and love it so far. One thing that was driving me crazy was the dramatic scary thing that happened whenever I would hit Command+K to add a link. Searching the forum, I see that I’m not alone and I found a workaround.

To re-assign a keyboard shortcut through macOS, specifically for Cmd+K:
System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > + > Add Link…


In many apps, including Google Docs, Gmail, Evernote, word processors, etc., Cmd+K adds a link to highlighted text. As a reporter, inline links are used extensively to link to source material, both to accelerate the fact checking process and for articles published online.

I probably use this shortcut several hundred times per week.It is seared in my brain across apps and it’s super hard to remember that it doesn’t work in Scrivener and I unintentionally did it all the time. Whatever Cmd+K actually does frightens me, it makes it look like most of a document disappeared, which is frustrating when I’m on a tight deadline.

Even though I found a workaround for this problem, looks like a lot of people would appreciate this shortcut aligning with the many other apps writers use regularly.

Thanks for considering.

+1 for this suggestion. I would also appreciate the creation of an “add link” icon that could be placed in the toolbar. At least for journalists, and probably for many others , this is a core function of word processing today.

The difficulty of adding hyperlinks in Scrivener stands out.


You have to scroll right down the list of fixes and changes to come to it.


Mark, just wanted to thank you for pointing out the correct forum page to find the related info. I also came to the forum today to search whether there was a way to either make customizable shortcut keys or request the Add Link be given a Ctrl+K shortcut in keeping with many other applications I use as I also use it all the time, including accidentally in Scrivener, to create a link. I am THRILLED to see that’s already an expected update to version 3. Now just waiting for Scrivener for Windows 3.0 to come out so I can plop down my $25 - this new feature alone is worth the price to me! :slight_smile: