Change comment author

Hi. Could someone direct me to the place where I can change who the author of a comment is? Thank you.

Just type over the name shown at the beginning of the comment.

Yes, of course, this manual change would work. But I’m asking where I can change the variable that specifies the default filling in of the author field.

I’ll assume you’re running Windows 10. If not, look at Control Panel → User Accounts, find your account, and see if Change Name is available. Under Windows 10, the Setting applet has no place for you to change your user name, but there is another way.

Scrivener is apparently using the USERNAME local environment variable to label comments, etc., but that is not directly changeable at the user level. So right-click the Start button, select Run and enter ‘lusrmgr.msc’ without the quotes. Click the Users folder in the tree control on the left, then find your user account in the user list. Right-click that name and select Rename and enter what you want, but I suggest you keep it short.

Once you have made the change, save all of your work and restart your computer.

This will NOT change the name of your user folder under C:\Users, but it does change the USERNAME environment variable contents. Nor does it seem to have any affect on user permissions.

Thanks so much for that detailed explanation. It explains why Scrivener was using a name that I had never given it, which puzzled me.