Change comment colouring in composition mode

Hi there

Using Scrivener the last year and really loving it (doing NaNoWriMo at the moment, and it’s a hugely useful tool for this).

I’ve recently adopted using Composition mode with paper fade at the minimum (so I just see my background), as I find it easier on the eye. However, any comments within the text are a real eyesore - a sudden injection of square digital ink. From perusing the forums, I think it’s currently impossible to make them invisible, however I’d even be happy if I could adjust their colour - when in Composition mode - to better sit against my background.

Looking at the Preferences/Composition, the only thing I can find is ‘Comments Background’, which doesn’t seem to affect the Comments themselves.

I’d rather not change the colour of Comments under all conditions as my non-Composition mode has a particular palette I’ve put together, and the Comments currently match that quite well.

Any ideas on this? I would imagine for anyone who uses Comments, they will have experienced the toll it takes on the otherwise beautifully calm environment that Comp. mode provides.


If you select to override the text colour in Composition mode (a checkbox option under Text Color in in the Customizable Colors list of “Compose” preferences), that colour will be used for the comment link outlines in composition mode as well as the text–basically the comment links will not have a background colour on the anchor text, just the rectangular box around them. The comment colour itself won’t change; you’ll still see it as normal in the inspector, but you’ll no longer have the colours spotting your main text.

There’s not a way to temporarily override the comment colours, but I find just using the text override works nicely, and I usually only keep the inspector open in composition mode when I’m actively referencing or writing a comment. (You can quickly close the inspector with Cmd-W after typing.) Comments can be individually coloured, so this allows you to still keep any colour-code system in place and useable while in Composition mode.


That’s great - just the solution I needed. Thank you very much.
Nearly 10k words on NaNo… thank you Scrivener team!


I can make them invisible by setting the background colour of the comments the same as the paper background. But I chose to set them as just a slight variation of the paper background. So now, as you say they don’t ‘shine’ but just show as a block of a slightly different colour.

When setting the colour of the paper background (in edit or compose), set the colour using the ‘colour wheel’. Then when you are happy with the colour, drag the bottom left swatch onto the line of presets. That saves that colour for use elsewhere in Scrivener.
Next bring a document with a comment on it into view.
Go and right click on that Comment in the Comment list in the Inspector.
Go down to ‘show colours’ and click on the saved colour you chose above.
At that point you can vary that colour brightness and watch the Comment in place on the document changes. You can make it as similar or different as you chose.