Change Comments colour ?

All my comments are yellow and too bright for me when they box the text in my writing. How do I set them all to a dark grey ?

I am really struggling with Scrivener more and more when I don’t understand something. I find the manual so complex and difficult to search :frowning:

Right or Control-click on a comment in the Comments & Footnotes sidebar—you can choose from a selection of default colors or a custom one. Subsequent comments will be in the last color picked.


Tks Dave … I was hoping not to have to go back through all of the previous ones :slight_smile: But I guess i’ll just have to now :slight_smile:

You can select more than one comment at once. Just click anywhere in the comment pane and hit Cmd-A to select them all, or use the standard Cmd-click and Shift-click style tools, then your right-click will impact many at once.