Change connecting line characteristics?

Appears borders on boxes can be altered somewhat, but there is only one style for connecting lines… dotted, or if arrows are used, a solid line. Is this correct?

No capability to change stroke width or color? No library of basic “line styles” for informal lines and arrowheads? Even Apple Pages does this. Not all ideas are of equal importance, and it would be very useful to have wider/bolder strokes to emphasize more important, dominant connections.

Scapple feels too precise and structured for getting loose ideas on paper. Thoughts?

BTW… your own YouTube Scapple demo is exactly 7 years old… today.

See updated demo from 2 years ago: An Introduction to Scapple Elements Currently Mac Only

Thank you… I watched that and other vids previously, and just rewatched what you recommended again in the event I glossed over something. Scapple has some nice features, but apparently doesn’t permit changing the characteristics of the connecting lines: stroke width, color, or style such as a pencil, charcoal, calligraphic.

It’ s fine dotted line, or fine solid line with arrows. Nothing more. Kindly correct me if I am doing something in error.

A simple line is an important and delightful design element and adds emphasis in relationships. Not so important to authors working with words.

After reviewing the App Store listing a few minutes ago, it appears the example of a hand drawn sketchbook is not illustrating what Scapple can do, but that the Scapple solution is better. I didn’t get that distinction until now.

I am a visual artist, and really wanted “to work or shape roughly, without smoothing to a finish.” Scapple is precise and relatively structured… very smoothly finished and not so organic.

Honestly, I think the pics of rough sketchbook and the clean Scapple solution is a bit misleading. Well intentioned, I suppose. Thanks.

Nope, it’s all there in the video. Scapple is a tool for roughing out words, but it’s not visually rough. It’s visually very simple, not a tool to create something you want to present or to convey subtle relationships visually.

It sounds like you’d be happier with a more conventional mind-mapping app. Why not just ask the App Store or sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com (whichever place you bought it) for a refund and move on?

I acknowledge that this is for personal mapping, but the addition of a solid line option would be super useful and add a little bit of polish to make something to present if needed. Right now I’m wanting to design a timeline graphic and the actual “time line” itself is a black-filled rectangle. It’s not bad, but it does look a bit unbalanced.