Change Dark Navy Select Color in Outliner

Is there a way to change the select color in Outliner? The default is a dark navy and it puts me off when I’m trying to read the text. It’s too dark. I’ve looked all over the menu for this option, but I can’t find it.


I think that may be a Windows thing – the default selection colour – rather than a Scrivener thing. I don’t see a dark colour there in my Windows7 Aero theme, but I do if I switch to “Windows Classic”, and in XP. In XP I can change the Windows theme (under Control Panel/Display on the Appearance tab) and get a different selection colour, which also affects Scrivener.

Funnily enough, in Linux I see the dark blue, which seems to be the Windows default, rather than anything that follows my desktop customization.)

Thank you, Ellarien. I will check the windows control panel. :slight_smile: