Change data in <fullname> field when grayed out?

I need to change the author’s name that appears on the title page. Going to Project>Meta-Data Settings>Project Properties gives me the information - grayed out and uneditable. In the Manual it says that if a format has been used the information in those fields has “been evaluated to text” and cannot be changed in the properties box, but will have to be edited separately. There are no instructions as to how to do this. I have searched hi and low, gone through the tutorial, done everything I can think of to do and still cannot find the answer. How do I do this? (And why aren’t instructions provided in the manual, when it refers to doing exactly this?)

I think you will find that the grey text in the boxes is just “placeholder” text. As soon as you type in the box that text will disappear, leaving whatever you type in its place. You can’t “edit” the text in the sense that you can change a single letter or put an initial instead of a first name, but you can type in whatever you want to appear instead. I hope that makes sense.


Indeed - just like the search field at the top of this web page says “Search…” in it, or the Google search at the top of Safari says “Google” in grey in it - this is placeholder text. In fact, in 2.3, it explains this underneath, too:

So all you need to do is try clicking into them. :slight_smile: