Change default compiled font for Fiction template?

When I compile an MS in 2.0, the output comes out in Courier. How can I change it to Times Roman? I’d like this to be the default output instead of Courier.

*ETA. In other words, I’d like to write in Optima, but viewing the MS/outputting the MS as it appears - I’d like the default to be TNR. Make sense? Right now, even when I click on the title page it’s in Courier.

The title page is set to “Compile As-Is”, so just change the font for that one as you would a regular document (that is, in the editor). Then for everything else, just change the font to Times New Roman for all the levels in “Formatting” pane of the Compile sheet. I definitely recommend checking out the Help file for information on Compile, but this should be fairly straightforward.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith!