Change default Composition font and size


Composition view defaults to Cochin size 14 font. Is it possible to change this default behavior?



You can change the text scale via the control bar at the bottom of the screen. You can change the default editor font via the “Editor” pane of the Preferences. It’s not possible to have a different font in Composition Mode than in regular mode, though, because Scrivener is rich text.

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Thanks! That’s very helpful and I was able to change my default font.

One point of clarification in case anyone else tries to use this solution, the default font for composition is actually found in the Formatting tab of Preferences, not the Editor tab.

Also, if you change the default font, it will not automatically apply to new drafts - only to new drafts you start.

Loving Scrivener so far. It’s a true game changer for writing. I wish I had this in college!!

You can retroactively apply formatting settings to older binder items by selecting the ones you wish to change, and using Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style.

It doesn’t do this automatically for you, because it would have no way of determining whether an existing item’s formatting should be changed or not. Consider research material, special-purpose sections like notes, or reference sheets that might have a heavy reliance on custom tab stops or alternate fonts. You definitely wouldn’t want the program to go back and wipe all of that out.

D’oh, sorry, yes, I meant “Formatting”, not “Editor”. Should have checked first.

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