Change default font for scratchpad?

Is the default font and size for scratchpad changeable? I dont’ see it in preferences. Mine is what appears to be helvetica. Since I am using scratchpad quite a bit now and appending selections to various documents, I’m finding that I keep having to reformat the appended text to my document default (minion 12pt). It would save time if I could just set the default font and size for scratchpad in the preferences so that it matches what I’m using elsewhere.

It would be sensible to tie the default note font to scratchpad, probably.

You can also do a very quick paste and match style, which is shift,opt,cmd v.
Your text will be pasted into your document in the matching style.

I use this often.


Your great suggestion works as a cut and paste, but obviously not when you use the Destination menu at the bottom of the scratchpad.