Change default font


How do I change the default font in Scrivener for OSX?

Each time i create a new scene the font that is automatically is used is ‘optima’, i want to use a different font.

Ive scoured the help but couldn’t find the answer! Surely its easy?

Default formatting is set up in the Formatting preferences tab, off of the main Scrivener menu. Easiest thing to do is select a paragraph that is set up the way you like, and then use the handy Use Formatting in Current Editor button to bring all of those settings into the preferences. The preview area will let you confirm it all looks good. This will impact all future text items you make with the program; it will not go back and wipe out formatting in documents you’ve already created. To retrofit older documents with Optima, use Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style; you can select more than one item at once with that command.

Beautiful! Thanks so much.

All sorted now!