Change default name in "comments & footnotes" under OS X


I am new to Scrivener 2.6 for Mac OS X, and now trying to change the default name that is stamped on every Comment: in the “comments & footnotes” panel. There is a message for how this is done in the Windows version here:

Can someone show me where Scrivener collects the name in OS X, and if there’s a way to change it from within the program?




Scrivener uses your user name from the Mac address book.

You can either change the name on your address card, or you can set up a pseudonym address card and then tell Scrivener to use that by adding the following command to the NOTE section of the address card itself:


It should be noted that will impact all uses of the contact card, which includes default template information (such as the cover page contact info) and author name in default compile header/footers, where applicable, etc. So if you wish to retain that convenience, fill out the alternate card as completely as possible.