Change Default naming of clippings?

Anyway to change the default text in Mac Services -Clippings (i.e. not “Clipping Date / time”)


Does the option, Show title prompt when using clipping Services in the General preference pane, do what you’re looking for?

Thanks AmberV - I just tried that option.

Having “Show Title Prompt” selected (Preferences-General) - means that a little box appears with the Title “Clipping- Date- Time”- which can be adjusted there and then.

Having “Show Title Prompt” deselected means the clipping goes straight into Scrivener and you then have to change the title from within the Binder.

I was looking for an option whereby I could adjust the default Title text (I’m clipping from academic articles and I’d to set the default to “authorname-year” just to ensure that I don’t end up with clippings from unknown origins.

Seems no way to do what I want (for the moment)…so I’ll keep up my with my manual method. Thanks!

I see what you meant now, sorry for the misunderstanding. Hmm, do you use any text expansion utilities, like Typinator or TextExpander? That’s what I would do in this case, in conjunction with the setting to title clippings on usage. You could make an abbreviation for each author, having them each expanded to the full name plus date and time in the format you prefer.

Thanks I will try that option once the thesis is complete— bit reluctant to learn a new workflow at this stage