Change default notes font

I don’t see any tabs in the Inspector. I only see three panes (from the top): Synopsis, General Meta-Data, and Document Notes.

And what is the translation for Opt-Cmd-I in Windows?

I’ve tried to reset all fonts to default to tr and get Document Notes to use the same font. But no matter what I do the Document Notes that I’ve typed have one font, those pasted in are random as heck with all kinds of colors and formats, and new Document Notes I type are in yet another font.

Is there a feature in Mac that doesn’t exist in Windows…? …to change the font across all Document Notes? And one that works retroactively, as mentioned, instead of only on any new Document Notes.

The shortcut to toggle the Inspector on Windows in Shift-Ctrl-I, but you’ll need to change the default font in the Appearance settings tab. This won’t change any existing text though, there isn’t a way to reset Notes formatting on either platform. One thing you could do is just cut and paste using Paste and Match Style from the Edit menu. That will clear out all formatting, and so it’s a good tool to have around if you do a lot of pasting into the Notes field from external sources.

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