Change default Outliner Columns

Great, great, awesomely great program! With far more groovy and amazing features than even I use.

Checked the manual and didn’t see this:

Is there a way to change the Outliner Columns that show up by default when one opens the Outliner?

The current defaults in my setup are Title & Synopsis, Label, and Status.

I rarely want to see Label or Status… and almost always want to see several printing-related columns such as Include In Compile and Page Break Before. Is there a way to tell Scrivener to show those columns instead?

BTW, these column displays would be trivially easy to change by hand each time IF the interface was one where users could check and uncheck the various options at one go. Having to re-access a nested menu for each and every change is what makes having the wrong default such an issue.

HTH and keep up the awesome work!


There are a couple approaches. The “defaults” are determined by the project template you use, so you could create a new project template with these set up the way you want them, along with anything else in the project interface you want to adjust–e.g. set up your commonly used labels and status names, set whether the label colour appears in the binder, show or hide various parts of the interface. You can also set up the binder with any initial documents you always want in your projects. Then use File > Save As Template… to make your new project template. You can then select it from the template chooser for future projects.

You can also set up and save a layout with your preferred outliner columns, which you can then apply to any projects, including existing ones. Go through the process in one of your projects of setting up the outliner with the columns you want (and making any other adjustments to the window layout and such), then open Window > Layouts > Manage Layouts… and click the “+” button to create a new layout. You can then choose to use the layout in any project, checking the option to “save outliner and corkboard settings”, and the view will switch to the layout saved, with the custom columns set. (Caveat to this is that if you have saved custom meta-data columns in your layout and they don’t exist in the project you’re applying the layout to, they won’t appear.)

In the outliner header, click the chevron on the far right to get a pop-up menu of the outliner columns that allows you to select multiple columns at a time.

Awesome hints – thanks, MM! These are gonna be MAJOR time-savers!