Change Document Notes Font

How do I change the Document Notes font and font size? Just can’t see where to do it in preferences.

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Try this thread, I think it should explain things:


Actually, that thread’s about footnotes, and I think the op means document notes rather than footnotes.

To change the document notes font, go to Preferences > Formatting. You’ll see a setting for “Notes font” about halfway down. Note that this setting only affects new notes; it won’t change font of existing notes, because they are rich text and so you could already have applied various formatting to existing notes and Scriv makes no assumptions about this.

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You mean halfway down under the Formatting tab, apparently. (There are 9 other tabs, you know.) Now that I found that, I wonder how I can tell what settings are already in effect?

Indeed I do! Which is exactly why I wrote that it was halfway down under the Formatting tab:

Reading my reply properly would have saved you some time, apparently. :slight_smile:

Fair enough, Kevin!

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