Change editor background and text colors not working on MacOS Catalina

I’m trying to set my editor background and text color to something other than black text on white. I’ve gone into Preferences>Appearance>Main Editor>Colors and changed both Editor and Text but neither of them have any effect. I can, however, change colors in composition mode as well as the fixed width background, just not the editor colors. I also just got a new MacBook Pro. On my old MacBook from 2014, these settings still work just fine and I can change the editor colors. Both MacBooks have Scrivener version 3.2.2. I’ve already tried the override setting in Project Settings>Formatting and this doesn’t help at all.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ok, I’m on the same Scrivener version as you, and I’m not having any problem, MacOS 10.15.7 (Catalina). I wouldn’t expect Project Settings to have any effect, as they don’t address editor background at all.

I am a bit confused, as Scrivener Light Mode main editor Preferences has never been able to override text colour, only background colour. Are you working with the dark mode settings?

Ah, I just figured it out! I had under Appearances something called “Keep Main Editors Light” checked, so it locked the editor to black on white. I had dark mode settings checked but I didn’t notice that this was also checked. Thanks!

You’re welcome! For future information, “keep editors light” setting locks the editor to whatever you have set up in light mode. If you change the light mode settings, that appearance will change.