Change editor width in Project Settings


I would really like to be able to change the width of the editor at a project level. Currently, I can turn ‘use full width editor’ on and off in Options, but that changes the setting in ALL my projects.

I use Scrivener for different types of projects. Some types of project work better with a full width editor and some don’t, but I currently have to commit to one ‘editor width’ setting for all projects,

I’d also quite like to to be able to set different modes (light mode, dark mode etc) for different projects too! Basically, can we please have as many personalisation options, for how Scrivener looks, put into the Project Settings so that different settings can be used for different projects.

Especially the editor width settings, though.


Check to see if themes save any of that.

Isn’t that where Window > Layouts are for? Themes are per Application too.

Thanks for the replies. Themes changes the theme in all projects, rather than just the current one.

Window > Layout doesn’t do what I want to do. It basically allows you to save which bits of Scrivener are visible - so you could save a layout of Scrivener with no toolbars, a split editor and the Inspector open, and easily switch to that. But, it doesn’t make any difference to the ‘use fixed width editor’ setting. I’ve tried, and that isn’t one of the settings that it saves.

There is a setting in the main application Options where you can tick or untick a box that says ‘use fixed width editor’. I would just like that option to be in the Project Settings.

I’m not sure if this is technically possible, but I agree it would be very neat! While themes are application-wide, it is a quick way of toggling a bunch of settings at once, so if you create a different theme for each of your different types of projects, changing the theme would allow you to get the view you want quickly, in the meantime (unless you’re wanting to work on multiple different types of projects at once).

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