Change font colours in Compose


Scrivener has been a Godsend for writing my PhD, thank you! However I had a minor request (perhaps the feature is already there and I’m just being dense, but I have looked). I have a specific learning difficulty and as a result I rely heavily on colour coding chunks of text when I write. Because of this I can’t use the Compose mode because there’s no option to change the colours. I’m aware that I could simply use it ‘fullscreen’ but I like the cleanliness (so-to-speak) of Compose and would love it if you could add the ability to change font colours.

Text colours are available in Composition mode via the context menu or from the Format menu (hover the mouse at the top of the screen for the menu bar to appear). You can also just use the Cmd-Shift-C shortcut to bring up the colour palette and change the colour of selected text. Make sure that you haven’t ticked “Override text color” in the Compose pane of Scrivener > Preferences–that would prevent you from seeing the colours while in Composition mode.

Could the revision colors also be used for this purpose?

Oh brilliant! Thanks, I wondered if I was being dense!