change font for 'File > Export > Files' (not compile) ?

When I export a document via File > Export > Files (not compile), the font used is 12-pt Calibri. Where/how do I change this font? I’ve tried changing every font in Tools > Options > Appearance > Fonts (and Editor) and still the font stays 12-pt Calibri when I export.

I just tried an export, and after changing the font in the file itself, the exported file used that new font. Is this not working for you?

Maybe I wasn’t clear, sorry. What I mean is that, when one chooses File > Export > Files, and the file is exported, the font that Scrivener decides to use presumably come from some setting (somewhere). The question is where, and how to change that default font. For me, all files are exported in 12-pt Calibri, and I wish to change that to another font.

Try changing the editor font within Options > Formatting. This will change the default font of newly created documents within Scrivener. For existing documents you might try changing the font within the editor, or Compile a single document and adjust the compile with the new font you need.

What I find is that the file is exported using the file that is actually used in the Scrivener document. 12-point Calibri seems to be the original default for that; at any rate, that’s what my documents use. But if I change the font of a document (select all, then change the font in the font dialog in the editor) to, say, Comic Sans, then the exported file also uses Comic Sans.

MUCH LATER EDIT: Sorry, I meant, of course, “exported using the font that is actually used…”

Thanks, DavidR, you’re exactly right!

Good, glad that helped! (And apologies for my typo “exported using the file” instead of “exported using the font.”)